Bachelor of Medicine in English: 100 students per year, lectures in Alberoni. Tested in september

The new Certificate in Medicine course in English, which will start in Piacenza in September 2021, is explained in detail through Elena Maseli, Professor at the University of Parma, for students who will have to choose from among the faculty members who are required to enroll at the end of high school. A suggestion that has generated great interest, based on the number of contacts that followed the webinar on Monday May 31: around 200.

This is a very innovative course of study, entirely designed in an international context in both biomedical research and clinical medicine, as explained initially by Ausl’s General Manager, Luca Baldino And by the mayor of Piacenza, Patrizia Barberry, Because it combines English language training – which allows you to create relationships with students from abroad and thus future physicians in hospitals around the world – with the potential to use a futuristic home hospital structure designed entirely in a post-Covid perspective.

Undergraduate students will develop comprehensive medical knowledge, from health promotion to emergency medicine, from applied research to the latest medical technology to health economics and management.

All lessons will take place at Alberoni College: in a tapestry room in the first year, and in classrooms under construction for the next five years. Student services, such as housing and a canteen, will be provided. The maximum number of students will be 100 students per year, and for entry it will be necessary to take a specific entry exam in English (Imat, International Medical Admission Test) scheduled for September 9th.

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