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Giorgi-Potapova record

Arrangement of Camellia Giorgi

02.20 Our livestream ends here, thank you for following us up to this point, and good night continuing with the 2022 Australian Open on OA Sport.

02.19 The second set was played smoothly by Camila Giorgi, who in 1 hour 12 beat the increasingly confusing Anastasia Potapova to advance to the second round of the Australian Open where she will meet the winner of the match between Martinkova (Czech Republic) and Davies (USA).

6-0 Another double fault by a Russian! Camila Giorgi advances to the second round!

0-40 Potapova double foul, three days to match points!

0-30 directly in the Russian network.

0-15 Potapova misses supporting the sub-goal, and the blue penalizes her.

5-0 Butapova backhand foul, Camila Giorgi cemented the second half and ensured we could go into the match.

AD-40 splint with straight potapova.

Giorgi’s 40-40 line long backhand negates the fourth break point in the match and brings the match to advantage.

30-40 ball fouls by Blue gave Potapova a chance to break the ball.

30-30 double foul by Giorgi, is the third in his match.

30-15 Potapova forehand foul.

15-15 win the blue serve.

0-15 foul with straight Giorgi.

4-0 forehand error for the Russian who now appears to have mentally given up on the match, the second straight break for Camila Giorgi.

Winner of the 40m at ROVESCIO DELL’AZZURRA! Break the ball!

40-40 great reflection of Giorgi! Blue returns to the game to gain advantages.

40-30 second double foul in a row for Potapova.

40-15 double fault of the original Saratov class of 2001.

40-0 Potapova rises quickly in the match.

30-0 last good for the Russian.

15-0 Hasan Ole Potapova.

3-0 Russian Camila Giorgi’s backhand kick enhances the break advantage.

AD-40 Potapova reversed into the net in second place for Georgi.

40-40 along the opposite of Marche, the game for the advantages.

40-30 Giorgi foul with a forehand from midfield.

40-15 Potapova’s response on the first seed n.30 long.

30-15 is excellent first and closes in a quick smack under the net by Giorgi.

15-15 error in reversing blue.

15-0 Giorgi winning service.

2-0 double foul from Potapova! Camila Giorgi broke in the second set!

30-40 great answer with straight Gyorgy Sola before the Russian! Break the ball!

30-30 error with straight Potapova.

30-15 winning service out of Russia.

15-15 foul with straight Giorgi.

0-15 directly in the Potapova network.

1-0 Giorgi orders the alternate and closes with a cross backhand holding the first serve of the second set.

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40-30 acceleration to blue using cross backhand.

30-30 backhand Potapova from the baseline.

15-30 sticks with Giorgi reverse.

15-15 blue error.

15-0 slap on Giorgi’s flight with a backhand.

Start the second set!

01.51 So Camila Giorgi won the first set in 46 minutes of play. Up to this point, the blue showed excellent physical condition, finding the rhythm of the match after the exchange and eliminating three Russian-style break points.

6-4 days close directly from the bottom field and conquer the first set after canceling three break balls!

30-40 great response from Giorgi. set point!

30-30 great direct response from Giorgi who hits the mark with a winning backhand.

30-15 foul with Front Potapova in the cyanosis acceleration.

30-0 straight into the blue goal who was looking for the long line ahead.

15-0 steca with straight georgia.

5-4 misses a shot with a forehand Potapova, so Giorgi keeps serve and will answer for the set.

AD-40 along the Russian forehand, Giorgi ball 5-4 out of 15-40.

40-40 reverse in Potapova’s network! The match’s third break point is canceled in blue.

30-40 Giorgi eliminates the first with a second winning serve.

15-40 blue foul forehand, two points for Potapova’s break.

15-30 along Giorgi’s forehand after a deep response from the Russians.

15-15 second double foul of the game from the left to blue.

15-0 serve in the middle and Giorgi won with a backhand.

4-4 Vincente di Potapova who keeps serving while giving him something.

40-30 first ace in the match also for the Russian.

30-30 Potapova reversal error.

30-15 foul on a forehand cross kick by Georgi.

15-15 Potapova opens the field with service and closes with a backhand under the net.

Another excellent 0-15 straight from the Giorgi position Potapova can’t contain.

4-3 perfect straight from the middle of the blue field that carries the transmission.

40-15 Giorgi backhand foul.

40-0 Another central ace for the blue!

30-0 Giorgi opens the field with the first service and after recovering from the Russians, he closes with a shot.

15-0 Central Ice de Giorgi! It’s the first in the game.

3-3 straight into the Giorgi lane, Potapova carrying the service.

40-30 Excellent response from Giorgi on Ole Potapova which he then sends to the net with a backhand.

40-15 Giorgi reversed into the net.

30-15 is better first than the Russian.

15-15 The color blue dominates the exchange and forces Potapova to enter directly into the network.

15-0 next to Giorgi’s backhand.

3-2 great backhand to win from the blue who holds the serve.

40-15 Double Fault by Giorgi.

40-0 Potapova straight into the goal.

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30-0 good first for Georgie and long backhand for the Russians.

15-0 Potapova’s backhand in the second for Georgi.

2-2 Giorgi’s forehand foul, Potapova concedes something to serve but she takes time to serve.

AD-40 live on the net by Giorgi.

40-40 Giorgi’s good response to Thani Potapova who then missed with a forehand, match with Mazaya.

40-30 long reverse of Potapova.

40-15 reverse in the blue lane.

30-15 Giorgi’s deep response but then makes a mistake with her forehand.

15-15 win serving 68 WTA.

0-15 Potapova foul.

2-1 Camila Giorgi opens and closes with a forehand, keeping her second serve in the match.

40-30 Potapova wrong forehand.

30-30 deep Russian reaction made Giorgi enter the net directly.

30-15 braid with straight potapova.

15-15 Potapova orders the interchange but fails on the backhand.

0-15 Giorgi backhand foul after opening the field with the second serve.

1-1 backhand in the net by Jiuji, as Potapova holds his first serve of the match.

40-30 This time the winner does not enter the backhand in the second Giorgi for the Russians.

30-30 backhand in Potapova’s net.

30-15 Georgian straight defense that ends.

15-15 winner against Azura!

15-0 Giorgi foul.

1-0 foul on his forehand Potapova, Camila Giorgi kept serving after she called off a ball break in the opener.

AD-40 Giorgi winning service, the second ball for 1-0.

40-40 backhand foul of class 2001 Saratov, 2nd par.

40-AD Giorgi foul with a forehand and Potapova broke the ball.

40-40 straight defensive line in the Marche lane, immediately benefits in the first game.

40-30 Giorgi winning service.

30-30 Instantly aggressive Potapova who scores with a long forehand.

30-15 along the back of the center of the blue field.

30-0 backhand for the Russians in Georgia’s first game.

15-0 along Potapova’s backhand.


01.00 Camila Giorgi wins the tie and thus starts serving, warm-up dribbles in progress.

0.57 Giorgi and Potapova are on the field to warm up on Court 6.

0.56 The winner of this match will be found in the first second round between Czech Martinkova and American Davis.

0.55 Despite the unknown physical condition, Camila Giorgi will still start with a prediction preference in the match that is about to start, if Marche’s 1991 class in the right form has the speed of the ball and shots to get the best of the smallest opponent without special problems.

0.50 opponent blue, Anastasia Potapova, young Russian tennis player, born in 2001 from Saratov. The current number 68 in the WTA Youth Circle Rankings, took a Wimbledon win in 2016 and is fresh from a first-round elimination at the WTA 250 Championships in Adelaide 2.

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0.45 Camila Giorgi’s last match dates back to October 23, 2021, that is, the defeat in the semi-finals of the WTA 250 tournament in Tenerife with Colombian Osorio Serrano (6-4 7-5 in an hour and thirty-six minutes of play).

0.40 will start from 01.00 Italian time (11 local time) at Stadium 6 in Melbourne Park, and the match that will open the program for the first day of competitions will be valid for the main draw.

0.35 It will be an unpredictable start (there is no precedent among tennis players) and with many questions about Camila Giorgi’s physical condition, in his first official match in 2022 after first giving up the Melbourne Championships and then Adelaide. Secondly.

0.30 Good afternoon OA Sport friends and welcome to the live broadcast of the live transcript of the match between Camila Giorgi and Anastasia Potapova, valid for the first round of the 2022 Australian Open Women’s Singles.

Georgy Potapova, match program

Good evening, OA Sport friends, and welcome to the live broadcast of the live transcript of the match between Camila Giorgi and Anastasija Sergeevna Potapova, valid for the first round of the 2022 Australian Open. The 30th blue seed opens the tournament on Court 6 in Melbourne Park.

It will be a debut with many question marks regarding the physical condition of the 1991 class of Marche, arrived in Australia without attending any tournament approaching the event, preferring to train independently. For Camila Giorgi, this year will be the tenth participation in the Australian Open, With the best result that coincided with the original Macerata tennis player, achieving the third round in 2015, 2019 and 2020.

On the other side of the grid you will find blue Anastasia Potapova, born in 2001 from Russia from Saratov. The current number 68 in the WTA rankings (who won Wimbledon in 2016 on the youth circuit) is fresh from elimination in the first round of the WTA 250 Championships in Adelaide 2. It will be the first confrontation between the players.

OA Sport brings you the LIVE LIVE transcript of the match between Camila Giorgi and Anastasija Potapova, a match valid for the first round of the main draw of the Australian Open 2022. The match will be the first of the day at Court 6 starting at 01.00 Italian (11a Melbourne).

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