AWS Cloud is expanding in Australia

Fire, yes, if necessary. Never stop investing. Amazon He respects the harsh law of business, and in the midst of the turmoil that has driven him (such as Microsoft, Alphabet, and other competitors) to plan Great hairstyles for workersannounces a $4.5 billion investment to expand the cloud. This is the expected expenditure for building new data centers and hiring new staff Australiain order to AWS’s second “cloud region”. (We explain here what exactly) just opened Melbourne.

The project was announced in 2020. The AWS Asia Pacific (Melbourne) Region, that is the name, was created to make the physical location of the servers used in the cloud as close as possible to customers, thus improving the speed and reliability of services and offering more data accommodation options. In fact, the new AWS cloud region will run parallel to the Sydney region, which was the first region activated by Amazon in Australia ten years ago.

$4.5 billion of the planned investment will be spread over a 15-year period and will be used to build new data centers but also power stations, telecommunications infrastructure and construction sites. Amazon estimates that the entire project, between now and 2037, could create approx 2,500 full-time jobs in Supply Chain and AWS Region Support.

With this latest addition, the AWS network now consists of 31 cloud regions, which include a total of 99 Availability Zones. Plans are underway for four additional cloud regions (for a total of 12 Availability Zones) in Canada, Israel, Thailand and New Zealand.

AWS network of “Cloud Regions” (indicated in red, those not yet available; in this image from the Italian AWS site, the Melbourne region is not indicated as available yet)

Australia is also an important region for Amazon’s environmental transition, which is committed to achieving the goal of net zero emissions for all its activities by 2040 and which already by 2025 (five years earlier than the initial target) will have to achieve the exclusive use of renewable energy sources. It will be launched in Australia Three green energy projectsa wind farm in Hawkesdale, in the Victorian region, and two photovoltaic plants in Juniedah and Suntop, in New South Wales.

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