Awards, requirements and how to participate

Also active this year is the Receipt Lottery, the state raffle that allows you to win various prizes every week for both citizens and merchants who join the program. Let’s see in this short guide how the lottery works.

there lottery receipt is a free national competition that was introduced last year, in which a series of Awards Both for citizens Buyers From to merchants Who join the lottery.

Let’s see in the next article how to participate and what are the prizes.

2022 Receipt of the Lottery: How It Works

Credit card purchase and sale service (1) minute

there lottery receipt It is the free lottery associated with the “Italia Cashless” program introduced by the government in 2021 to encourage the use of credit cards, debit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards and applications connected to payment circuits at the expense of cash.

To participate in the lottery it is enough to be At the age of And the residing in Italy. If you have these requirements, the only thing you should do is get your own requirements lottery symbol (following the appropriate procedure on the online portal and presenting them to the merchant at the time of each cashless purchase.

For each euro spent, a virtual ticket will be issued, which will automatically participate in the scheduled weekly and monthly draws (if the amount spent is greater than 1 euro, any decimal number above 49 cents will produce another virtual ticket).

Online purchases do not allow you to participate in sweepstakesthose of less than one euro and those made in the exercise of a business, art or profession.

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Receipt lottery: prizes

Highest frontier euro min money

there Receipt of the lottery 2022 gives the following Awards:

  • 15 weekly prizes worth €25,000 for buyers and the same amount 5000 euros for dealers;
  • 10 monthly prizes of 100,000 euros for buyers and up to 20,000 euros for merchants;
    Big annual profit of 5 million euros for those who buy and another 1 million euros for those who sell.

The Weekly Draws and holding Every Thursday For all receipts sent and recorded by the lottery system from Monday to Sunday, up to 11:59 pm the previous week. If the drawing day falls on a national holiday, the drawing shall be postponed to the first following working day.

The Monthly DrawsInstead, it is implemented Second Thursday of every month, for receipts sent and recorded by the lottery system by 11:59 PM on the last day of the previous month; If the second Thursday of the month falls on an official holiday, the drawing shall be postponed to the first following working day.

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