Avowed and Contraband will be released in 2023 According to Jeff Grubb, State of Decay 3 Probably Not –

I acknowledge And the contraband It was mentioned by Jeff Grubb recently, who reported on both games Planned for 2023 At this point, while l state of decay 3 It will likely go into next year.

There’s obviously nothing official about any of this, but the info comes from a podcast Jeff Group And Rand on Thor, Xbox Two, from which sometimes reliably happened details have emerged, so we’re also taking this information into account with it just rumors and speculation.

According to Grubb, Avowed is always set in 2023 and that shouldn’t change in the meantime, while Contraband has been postponed.

The new action game from Avalanche, which was introduced at E3 2021 and developed exclusively for PC and Xbox, was initially scheduled for release in 2022 but it was Delayed Until 2023.

All this, however, would have happened “internally”, given that there was no official period for the release of contraband, at least in the information released to the public. Amidst the various indications of the releases, the status of Decay 3 also appeared: the game, which Phil Spencer seems particularly excited about, is unlikely to arrive in 2023.

“I still think State of Decay is a game 2024 Most likely, but who knows, it may surprise us.” We still take it all as rumours.

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