Avoid falling stunts on stage

David Beckham was about to take the stage at Lionel Messi’s show at Inter Miami: the former footballer lost his balance for a split second and was about to fall onto the stage but avoided a sensational fall onto the stage and soon after gave an emotional speech to the fans.

The big day has come forInter Miami. Lionel Messi It was introduced to fans and the entire public, football and non-football, in the United States. An unimaginable event until a few months ago. Nobody expects to see the Argentinian in football League But now all of this is reality.

While waiting for the new stadium (Miami Freedom Park), the Miami F.C flea al DVR PNK Stadium in Fort Lauderdale, which is now hosting its home games with an event that has also had a strong resonance in Europe. Games of lights, sold out quantities and attention to every detail to present the world’s strongest footballer.

However, one episode was about to overshadow all of this. David Beckham, One of the club’s proprietors, as he was about to reach the center of the stage, was about to slip because of the torrential waters that had fallen on the town in the previous hours and which also delayed the commencement of the concert.

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The English football star lost control of his gait for a split second and was about to end catastrophically on the floor but managed to keep his balance and avoid what would have been an exciting scene.

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The episode went unnoticed by many, but Jorge Mas, the majority owner of the team, who playfully waved his arms in front of him pretending to slip too.

After arriving at his destination in one piece, Beckham gave a speech introducing Messi: “Ten years ago, I began my journey to build a new MLS team. I said then that I dreamed of bringing the best players in the world to Florida and the city of Miami. Players who shared our ambition to grow football in this country, who would inspire the next generation and help build a legacy in This sport. Please forgive me if I feel a little emotional tonight. It really is a dream come true to welcome Lionel Messi to Inter Miami. Leo “We are very proud that you have chosen this club for the next stage of your career. Welcome to the family.”

He also made the former Manchester United and England captain Sergio Busquets: “We are very proud that Sergio Busquets has joined our squad. One of the most complete midfielders of his generation. We are building a special club here at Inter Miami, a club that takes care of its fans and together we will create unforgettable memories.”.

David Beckham could see Messi play as early as Friday, but that’s not yet confirmed: Inter Miami will face Cruz Azul in the newborn League Cup, a new competition organized by MLS and Liga MX that will give access to the CONCACAF Champions League, and could This is the first match the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner has won with the new team.

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