Avalanche Studios Group will announce DRIVECLUB author game in 2022 –

The new Paul Ruschynsky game, made in the new Liverpool studio Avalanche Studios مجموعة Collection, Sarah announce In the 2022. For those who aren’t familiar with it, we’re talking about the former director of Evolution Studios, as well as the author of the racing game DRIVECLUB, one of the first PS4 exclusives (it was criticized a lot at the time of release, but re-evaluated over time).

However, his track record is much broader, and he is proud to be involved in the development of MotorStorm, MotorStorm RC and Onrush. We don’t have a hard time believing that 2022 will also have something to do with racing.

Roschinsky: “In 2021 we, as the Avalanche Studios Group, opened a new studio in Liverpool. It was really exciting, because it allowed me to achieve one of the professional goals that I set for myself.

In 2022 we will announce the game we worked on last year.

Of course, Ruschynsky did not provide any details about the game in development, which will be presented in due course. However, it is unlikely that this will be a new chapter from one of his old series. By the way: The rights to Motor Storm and DRIVECLUB are in the hands of Sony, which is the only company that can decide its own fate.

Perhaps Ruschynsky is working on something new, although it must be said that Avalanche does not disdain working on third-party projects, such as the future Contraband for Xbox or Rage 2, designed for Bethesda.

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