“Available for the European Championship, I hope to be there”

Milan –I’m here, hopefully we can be part of the group. We can’t wait to get started.”. This is what Danilo said GalinaryNational team player on the occasion of the event countdown clock To -100 days from EuroBasket 2022at the Vittorio Emanuele Gallery in Milan. “Wearing a blue shirt is always an emotionally unbelievable thing, and it’s hard to explain. Only those who have tried it can understand it,” Rooster added. This will be the first time for a European in Italy. “It will be something very special in front of our audienceWhen we did it for the Olympic qualifiers, it didn’t go so well. Here in Milan it will be something more special, there will be a mixture of feelings to manage The Atlanta Hawks winger said. When asked if he had heard from his teammates on the national team, Gallinari said: “We always talk to everyone all year round, every summer is a new date and you don’t know exactly what the group will be”. Finally on what to leave an experience Tokyo Olympics The goal for these Europeans:We left Tokyo Lots of trust in us, knowing that we can play high and do it against everyone else. You always have to dream big, but first we have a group to face in Milan, the goal is to get through the first stage and then let’s see what happens.”

Italbasket All dates Summer 2022

FIBA outside Russia and Belarus: Italy qualifies for world qualifiers

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Gallinari: “Going back to Milan? Not now”

Back to Milan? Not now, I plan to play for a few more years in America. The dream is for me to come back and finish here and hopefully I can. The head wants to do it, but there has to be a head and a body to do it becauseEuroleague Now we are playing at a very high level and we want to be ready.”Galinari said. on contract with AtlantaWhile that: “It’s not up to me, my contractual status means the ball is in their hands. We’ll see, they still have time to decideGallinari, who has an unsecured contract with hawks For the next season, teams can even change. When asked if a potential new team could stop him from running in the European Championship, Gallo said: “I would say no, in the past except in a year I’ve never had any problems and this summer it will be like that too.”

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