Autostrade, now the Free to X app indicates the presence of teachers. How it works –

The new Free to X feature warns motorists with a notification when entering a highway area covered by an average speed detector

there Free for X . Appa subsidiary of the Autostrade per l’Italia group, is rich with a new feature that will help motorists monitor Teacher devices in highway areasAnd avoid some fines.

Notification and beep

Function It can be activated in the travel section The application and when the driver is near a section covered by the teacher, he will receive a warning notification followed by an audible signal if he is traveling at a speed above the permissible speed.

According to Free to X, the launch of the new teacher notification feature is part of the development of new services that Free To X is developing for Autostrade in l’Italia, in order to offer customers an improvement in the service. This new feature follows the introduction Cashback with Targa Which aims to simplify the refund request also for those who pay the fees by card or cash in case of delays caused by queues due to business continuity.

Jul 12 2022 (change on Jul 12, 2022 | 09:03)

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