Automated teller machine, if you see the banknotes, you are in danger: they are all fake

As technology advances, more and more people are choosing to avoid traditional scams by making payments almost exclusively digitally, but there is still a percentage of cash lovers who can fall for this scam.

Criticism has always been targeted by bad guys, even now that it has become less prevalent. The techniques used are periodically revised but the result is always the same, i.e. the theft of ATM withdrawals.

ATM scam, how to defend yourself

What is an ATM scam

Before the development of digital payments, every person had to go to an ATM to collect the amounts that would be spent during the day or even during the week. In general, we avoided going alone or at certain times to avoid getting into unpleasant situations, which are almost no longer necessary now, thanks to the apps.

However, ATMs have not been completely abandoned, the percentage of users is always there and consists almost mainly of elderly people or people with limited mobility.

Although it is not advisable to withdraw large sums of cash, especially if in solitude, many old people who are fond of banknotes still go to the ATM or the post office monthly to collect their entire pension, so as to take it home to ration during the month, Manage day-to-day payments.

These people are very vulnerable to theft, especially since they are almost the only ones left to go to the ATM, so criminals have less and less chance of getting money.

Stealing cash from ATMs
ATM scam – pixabay

How scams work and how to defend yourself

The recent scam involved placing banknotes on the floor near an ATM and involving at least two accomplices. One of the two stands near an ATM while the elderly collect their cash and memorize the card’s PIN code, while the other (or others) throw banknotes at the victim’s feet or nearby. At this point, one of them distracts the victim by asking if this money is theirs while the partner replaces the card with a similar one.

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To prevent all this from happening, it is a good idea to follow these tips:

  • Avoid withdrawing large amounts
  • Avoid withdrawing cash in secluded or poorly lit places
  • Ask a family member to accompany you to the ATM machine
  • Cover the number pad tightly while dialing the PIN
  • Avoid interacting with others during the withdrawal process
  • Immediately secure banknotes and paper once the process is completed
  • Do not leave the ATM with cash or notes in plain sight

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