Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg: “The head of government and the majority party is the same person.”

The chancellery lasted less than two months Alexander Schallenberg. Austrian Prime Minister who took office from his predecessor Sebastian Kurtz After the scandal he was involved in a few weeks ago and pushed him to do so resignation, decided to postpone his term a few hours after Kurz’s statements, which he announced Withdrawing from politics. Schallenberg, in his opinion, explained that “the roles of head of government and head of Austria’s most powerful party must be brought together quickly under the supervision of one person. So I make my role as chancellor available.”

entirely pandemic, with a state in Close Among the countries most affected by the virus at the European level, Austria will face a new one government crisis. No elections in sight, however: Prime Minister Vienna In fact, he made it clear in his statements that it was his will to make way for whoever would take the helm popular party Whoever leads the majority in the government: “Once the party makes the right choices” will leave office, he said. “It was never my goal to take over the leadership of the People’s Party. I am fully convinced that the two roles will soon be reunited in one person.”

A few hours ago, news of Kurz’s farewell to politics arrived: “The defining moment was there the birth of my sonA few days ago, he explained to Cronin newspaper. But it cannot be excluded that the decision is also related to what happened Less than two months, with Resignation as a consultant After a scandalSurvey on demo polls that the government would pay them in part and that they saw him leave the chancellery precisely in favor of Schallenberg. However, Kurtz remained the leader eulogy, to become the leader of the group in Parliament. Now even that chair is still vacant and the decision sparked a domino effect that led to the new government’s crisis. In the controversy over the dual position it appears that the current Minister of the Interior, Karl Nahammer.

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