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Australia’s SailGP dominate the first day of the race in Bermuda

Taranto, April 25, 2021 – Advance to Friday due to the expected light winds of Saturday, the first day of the race in Bermuda Sail Grand Prix presented by the Hamilton Princess kept all promises with a gentle breeze sweeping through the turquoise waters of the Great Sound of Bermuda and allowing for three spectacular races to be held . Australia’s SailGP team, the defending champion led by Tom Slingsby, won all three scheduled qualifiers: the first with an overtaking on the penultimate edge, the second dominating the race from start to finish and the third at the end of a tight duel with Ben Insells of Great Britain’s SailGP team. From behind, for places of honor, there were pitched battles in the three contested confrontations. The regularity of the France SailGP team (ranked 2nd, 4th and 4th) and the Japanese SailGP team (3rd, 2nd and 5th) were rewarded and thus found themselves second in the overall ranking, equal points (23) and seven Australian crews with full points (30).

A tough first day, particularly tough for the New Zealand SailGP team consisting of Peter Burling and Blair Tuke who suffered from a lack of training and finished three of the last races. On the other hand, the debut of Francisco Bruni, flight controller aboard the Japanese SailGP Team F50 led by Nathan Utridge, was satisfactory. “It was a beautiful day – with strong winds of 13, 15 knots, some of them stronger. In a short course with many competitors and tight spaces, it’s not easy to manage the boats, which is why they saw all the colors,” Bruni said. Even though we didn’t start well, we made a good comeback and got third. However, in the second race, we started hard, and we rounded the first mark in second and very close to the first. The Aussies were in the lead so fast, they stretched out and we couldn’t get past them. Finally, in the third race, we got off to a very bad start, and we were ten seconds late, due to a technical problem with the boom card. We tried to recover, to get close to fourth place but we had to settle for fifth. ”

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Bruni concluded, saying, “The balance of the first day is positive.” “We are in the top three in the standings, and we hope to be able to reach our goal which is to qualify for the final. The winds are expected to rise on Sunday. The important thing for us is to sail well in the last two fleet races to enter the final.”

All the Bermuda Sail Grand Prix races presented by the Hamilton Princess, the first event of the second season of SailGP, can be watched on the youtube channel and on the Facebook SailGP page, as well as on the free, award-winning SailGP program. a program. Seven o’clock Sunday evening, the live broadcast of the second and final day.

After the event in the Atlantic, the F50 helicopters will perform at the Mar Grande of Taranto on June 5 and 6.

“SailGP – Powered by Nature” is the global sailing tournament that competes for a better future, and promotes a world driven by nature. SailGP offers the best F50 cruising competition, with national teams competing in short and intense courses, stadium races of the type boat races over the most famous bodies of water around the world. The winner of the second season of SailGP will receive a prize of $ 1 million. During the season’s eight events, the top athletes juggle international sailing aboard an identical high-speed, high-speed F50 boat capable of exceeding 50 knots (about 100 km / h).

Australia’s SailGP dominate the first day of the race in Bermuda

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