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Australia’s largest mobile wildlife hospital is Italpress News


ROME (ITALPRESS) – Australia’s largest mobile wildlife hospital has just been completed. WWF-Australia contributed $ 250,000 for this purpose, making it possible to purchase important equipment and support the operating costs of the mobile facility.
The facility, which can be brought in where a critical condition requires immediate care for endangered animals, will be managed by Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital. The goal, after the dramatic fire season that has knocked Australian nature and animals down, is to treat, rehabilitate and care for disaster-affected animals – which can no longer be called natural but the consequences of climate change are underway, where there is a need.
The mobile hospital is completely self-sufficient in the fields of (solar) energy, satellite communication, water supply, and waste storage, and it is also equipped with the latest veterinary equipment. This mobile hospital, the size of a semi-trailer, can truly represent the salvation of wildlife that has been strained by fires (there is another dry season underway in the land of kangaroos and koalas) but also other threats. For many affected animals, the immediate, high-level treatment they receive from this facility will make the real difference between life and death.
“Within minutes of arrival, our team of experienced veterinarians will treat the wounds and administer painkillers and medications,” said Brie Talbot, head of the veterinary team at the Byron Bay Foundation. “This means that we can start treatment before serious clinical signs such as infection or dehydration appear,” he added.
The founder and CEO of Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital, Dr. Stephen Van Mill, said he conceived the idea of ​​creating a large mobile wildlife hospital two years ago. “Then, after the catastrophic fires last summer, we realized that this was a very urgent need,” Van Mill said. “Seeing dozens and hundreds of injured koalas receiving care in cardboard boxes or laundry baskets, waiting for treatment, made me realize that we have to change everything. Thanks to WWF funding, we were able to purchase the latest equipment for x-rays, ultrasound scans.” Vocal, intensive care equipment for endoscopy for anesthesia and a rapid test kit to check the presence of koalas for the presence of chlamydia, “Van Mel concluded. Darren Grover of WWF Australia, explaining that donations from generous supporters of the fund from around the world made it possible to fulfill a “wish list” from the veterinary team with all necessary specialized machinery and equipment.
Koalas Forever is a project that aims to double the number of koalas in Eastern Australia and is part of WWF’s Australia Renewal Plan. “An unprecedented plan – you read a note – as well as the fires that have afflicted nearly 3 billion animals (unique in the world) between the end of 2019 and the first months of 2020. With Regenerate Australia, WWF is building a $ 300 million five-year program Which aims to “revive” wildlife and habitats, and green and revive forest areas affected by fires, and stop the destruction of ecosystems. To make Australia a protective country from the future. “

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