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Australia’s “disappointment” over preventing the export of vaccines from Italy – Europe

Sydney – The Australian government plans to help set up a “Alliance of states” to pressure the European Union And make sure you have the required supplies of Covid-19 vaccines. Commerce Minister Dan Tehan expressed ‘Great disappointment’ with Italy’s decisionWith the support of the European Commission, from Banned from exporting 250,000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine to Australia, Saying he was concerned about the possibility of creating a new block.

Tehan described the decision as ‘Protect the vaccine’, Adding that he wants to work with countries with similar positions, including Canada, Japan, Norway and New Zealand, to lobby as a group on officials in Brussels. “I hope they change their position. The more we can put pressure on them, the more they realize that what they’re doing is wrong,” he told National Radio ABC, adding that he could invite Papua New Guinea and some Pacific and southern countries to join the East Asia Alliance.

Part of the lobbying will be conducted through the Health Cluster of the World Trade Organization, chaired by Canada and including the European Union. The so-called “Ottawa Group” was formed late last year to “help facilitate trade in essential medical goods” and into Restrict the use of export restrictions.

Minister Tehan has already shared Canberra’s concerns directly by phone with European Union officials and the new Director-General of the World Health Organization, Ngozi Okunio-Iweala, who reportedly shared the concerns out of fear that many developing countries would lack capacity. Delay in receiving doses. However, the Australian government and health authorities have assured that the ban on exports from Italy will not affect the national vaccination program. Australia has requested 53.8 million shares of AstraZeneca, 50 million of which will be manufactured in Australia by Commonwealth Serum Laboratories in Melbourne. The first locally produced doses should be given within two weeks.

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