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Australian slingshot for a small slingshot museum in Albenga

Waiting for Antonio Ricci to deliver his 20th wooden slingshot on May 28 “to those who have thrown good slingshots in life”, the Small Slingshot Museum (PMF) in Fieui di caruggi continues to enrich with new specimens. It is the turn of the slingshot that even comes from Australia “and so – comments Dino Feu with his usual enthusiasm, spirit and curiosity of museum-keeper – there are models from all continents! Australia was missing!”.

Enrico Coffen filled the gap bringing eucalyptus slingshots from Sydney to Albenga: “The wood most used in Australia for this purpose – he explains – is precisely eucalyptus wood with oleander. Slingshots are not very widespread and are not used much for ‘joking’, but above all Something to keep hares away from cultivated places, who devour whatever they find themselves to eat.”

The small Slingshot Museum, which thus exceeds six hundred specimens on display, is visited every year by thousands of tourists from all over the world and is reported in all major guidebooks. He recently hosted an Eastern European TV shoot in Italy to discover and photograph exotic and unique places.

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