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Australian Prime Minister: ‘Either he justifies the exemption or Djokovic goes home’

Melbourne – Vaccine exemption granted to Novak Djokovic To participate in the Australian Open Tennis May be short-lived. After the controversy sparked by the announcement of the guaranteed “preferential path” of the Serbian tennis player, who opposes the anti-Covid vaccines, he intervened in the matter. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. According to Australian media reports, when asked by reporters, Morrison said it was Ready to send Djokovic home with the first planeThe Prime Minister said: “If a tennis player does not provide sufficient reasons not to be vaccinated. Anyone entering Australia must comply with our requirements at the border.”

Vaccine check in Melbourne

In short, the medical exemption for the Australian Open is good, but It is not certain that Novak Djokovic will make it to Melbourne. The unbanned Serbian world champion may still be denied entry to Australia. Melbourne is expected to reach number one in the world A flight from Serbia in the eveningit’s my country Home Secretary Karen Andrews He warned that border authorities could interfere in a case that, in the meantime, sparked international outrage.

Anyone seeking to enter Australia It must meet our stringent border requirements,” Andrews said. “While the Government of Victoria and Tennis Australia may allow a non-immune player to compete in the Australian Open, it is the Commonwealth Government that will enforce our requirements at the Australian border.. From 15 December 2021, eligible fully vaccinated visa holders can travel to Australia Without the need to apply for a travel waiver and enter eligible states and territories without quarantine. The Australian Border Force will continue to ensure that those who reach our borders comply with strict border requirements.”

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A partial reversal instead from the Australian Open leaders: “Djokovic has not received any preferential treatment. If he gets a medical exemption from participating, it is because he deserves it.” Australian Open manager Craig Tilley denies differential treatment of Novak Djokovic To be able to participate in this year’s first Grand Slam, where he won 9 times and where he defends the champion, defending the procedures that have been developed to evaluate exemption requests. “I know a lot of people were amazed to see Novak in Australia Taking into account his statements on the topic of vaccinations during the past two years Tilly adds. However, it is up to him to decide whether to publicly explain his condition and the reason for obtaining the exemption.”

Now, it is up to Australian regulators to try and explain how the world’s number one tennis player can enjoy the exemption. In an official statement, the Australian Tennis Association explained that the process involved two distinct steps. Medical Exemption Requests (26, but it is not known how many were admitted) were reviewed by the Victorian Department of Health under Atagi’s guidelines, and only then were they sent to another medical team, the Independent Medical Exemption Review Committee.

“I am not commenting on the specific case, but I can say that most requests for exemption have come from those who have recently had COVID – explained Caroline Broderick, medical director at Tennis Australia – it is normal, Given the omicron variable spread. In some cases they requested more information, but there was no direct contact with those who made the requests. They noted the official seals on the documents, but they were not involved in intelligence activities. Some of the documents were official lab reports. For this they appointed experts in immunology, infectious diseases and general medicine. The testers didn’t even know if the orders were from players or members of various staff. The documents were completely anonymous: the name of the country of origin and the age of the applicant were also withheld, except in cases where they were important details.”

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