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Australian floods declare a state of emergency

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced that he will declare a national emergency for floods in two states. write it there BBC, noting that 20 people died in New South Wales and Queensland and thousands of homes were submerged in the past two weeks due to record rains. The Prime Minister added that it would be possible to obtain additional relief payments for affected people and businesses and that ADF soldiers would also be able to deploy more widely. Morrison, during his visit to Lismore, was challenged by some climate activists and residents of the flood-affected town. In some communities, relief efforts have been largely tasked with the work of volunteers rather than that of the authorities, and many people have been forced to live in temporary housing or in cars. Although the waters have receded in some areas, severe flood warnings remain in place in some places north of Sydney. For a national emergency to become official, it must be approved by the local leadership and the country’s governor general. A national emergency was declared after the bushfires that hit Australia in 2019-20.

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