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Australian Coral Reefs: What They Are and Where to Like Them

It’s not officially in existing subordinate Modern Seven Wonders of the World just because It is not the work of manbut if the arrangement is about what Nature gave us There will be no doubts about gold medal: The Australian coral reefsIn fact, he will win Without much effort.

Discovery first time around 1770this part of the earth has not ceased to be magical men of science This, until today, they are studying discovery new species And the new laws. However, precisely becausemanThere is, too the great Barrier Reef Risks to disappear. there existing subordinate The best places to see itso it is made of Advice for yawn: The most important, however, is reach them Always responsibly.

A Brief History of the Australian Coral Reef

there Australian coral reefs (or in English, the great Barrier Reef) I was Lesson to First time about the seventies of the eighteenth century. In fact, in that period James Cook left for Journey to the Pacificdiscover new Zeland. then arrived Australiatry the navigator Sail around the lands for Draw its bordersbut – after the ship ran aground in shallow water – he had to. stop for 2 months On its coasts: time needed to like Charm. Since then, the Scientists around the world contact Clarification The Wonders hidden under the surface of the water This flow of more than two thousand kilometers around the continent and tourists I can’t wait for I see them with their own eyes.

Where are Australian coral reefs and how are they made

there the great Barrier Reef located in north east australiaoutside the country Queensland and he The largest underwater structure Consists of living creatures. Inside, in fact, they Billions of coral polyps it’s a Biodiversity Like it was declared World Heritage Site FromUNESCO In the 1981. Not only this: also CNN . included Australian coral reefs Inside classification subordinate Seven Wonders of the World.

However, much of the area is protected from Great Barrier Reef Marine Park who has area From To maintain And the to protect This show since then bad behavior of men. However, it is not only tourism It’s more great enemy: up to runoff water and the Global Warming They cause anxiety coral bleaching. David Wachenfieldin one of the 2016 studymentioned that barrier reef It is now practical dead What is the use of a? Serious commitment to protection To save her: thehigh water temperature right Now 4 degreesin fact, led to vanishement more than 20% of coral reefs And in a short time ruin can become Irreversible.

What to do in the Great Barrier Reef

In light of what has just been said, i.e. a trip Organized in this part of the world to think about in a sustainable and conscious way: is only withEveryone’s commitment (includes tourists) that the great Barrier Reef will be able to continues to exist. The Responsible Activities It can be done to enjoy its wonders and not affect an already precarious situation multiple. This is the most amazing.

Visit by raft

going to cairns You can proceed to ocean spirit raft: the boat, a long well 32 metersevery day leads toMichaelmas CayWhere you can immerse yourself in it Diving And the diving In Company turtle and the gods Most colorful fish on the planet. also on EarthSo, the show continues: the island is home to more than Twenty species of birds.

Heart of reefs on the seaplane

L ‘reef heart it’s a Part of the coral reef to me heart shape Perfect to make it even more special trip to australia In Company lovable. The best way to visit in seaplaneallowing you to fly over The whole area is made of pure pure water And the coral.

Angicourt Reef with snorkeling

On the other hand, those who preferimmersion you can go to Agincourt Reef who collects even Sixteen diving sites have been prepared: The perfect opportunity, therefore, to bring yourself A few centimeters from the barrier Swimming together is amazing the animals.

Marine species that can be seen in Australian coral reefs

there the great Barrier Reef hostsAn endless amount of species he is vegetables who – which the animals which you can contact during the flight. The ScientistsIn fact, they’ve counted so far six hundred variety of fishmore than four hundred types of hard coralsAnd the One hundred and fifty Somewhat soft coralsmore than thirty whales different and six of seven types sea ​​turtle existing on the ground. So they are also present in his waters six A variety of SharksFrom Hammer to me black fin coral.

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