Australian Bishops: The cry of the earth, the cry of the poor

The Australian Bishops’ initiative for sustainability and environmental protection in accordance with the teachings of the Papal Encyclical of Pope Francis “Laudato Si”

Roberta Barbie – Vatican

The historic commitment to a more sustainable church is the one made just now by Australian bishops who today issued their usual annual Declaration on Social Justice, titled “Earth Cry, Cry of the Poor” in 2021. A seven-year journey towards seven goals listed by praised and praisedSo, that’s what the members of the Australian Bishops’ Conference are aiming for.

An environmental crisis that must be addressed urgently

The reasons were immediately explained by the Chairman of the Episcopal Commission for Social Justice, Mission and Service, Monsignor Vincent Long: “We are facing an environmental crisis and Pope Francis wants the whole Church globally to act with a greater sense of urgency – he said -. In Australia, motivated people, seminaries and schools are working. and organizations in environmental issues for a long time. I would like to thank them all – and he continued – and urge the entire Catholic community to join them.” The bishop then noted that “Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders have cared for the environment since time immemorial. The rest of us need to listen, and see how we can walk together to take care of all creation, one another, brother.”

Discover the effect of God on creation

According to the content of the announcement, Laudato Si’s objectives to be pursued “aim to implement Pope Francis’ 2015 general message, making communities around the world sustainable in the spirit of an integrated environment”. That is why Catholic bishops are called to “discover the secret of creation”, to become acquainted with the divine presence in the world, and to respond with amazement and amazement. They demand “a profound conversion expressed in a new way of life, personal and collective. We are called to a new way of thinking, feeling, understanding and living,” the bishops argue in the Declaration. Monsignor Long concluded, “I hope ‘The Earth’s Cry, The Poor’s Cry’ will encourage deeper and more effective Christian responses to the urgent appeals of the earth and the poor.”

Justice, environment and peace

The declaration urges families, schools, parishes, parishes and organizations to join the bishops in signing the Laudato C. Platform for Action. This is an initiative of the Vatican Monastery to promote integrated human development, which will bring together ideas for action from all over the world to help the participants on their journey. The Social Justice Office of the Bishops’ Conference participated in the development of the platform: in this regard, President Long also announced the new name of the agency, namely Office of Justice, Ecology and PeaceBecause “social justice, environment and peace are inseparable”.

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