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Australia, you go to bathe and a shark dies in pieces

Swimming in crystal clear water turns a nightmare into a tragedy. One man was attacked and killed by one Shark Off the coast of Kabul, it is a very popular and crowded beach on the northwest coast ofAustralia. According to local media reports, it would be a man of around 55, around 9 (local time), who was swimming alone when the shark attacked it, tearing his thigh and hand.

Australia, a white shark kills a surfer on the Gold Coast: Beaches are closed

A surfer hitting a shark with a board: “I have 63 points, but I am alive and I have my legs.”

Australia, shark attacks a 17-year-old surfer: boy died of serious leg injuries

The alarm went off when the situation was now in danger: emergency teams rescued the man from the water, immediately administered CPR, and then urgently he was rushed to hospital. Nothing to do. The man died shortly after from his deep wounds.

It is definitely not a single event, as it happened Sunday, November 22nd. The data measures the high risk in Australian waters. According to the Taronga Conservation Society government agency, this is the eighth fatal shark attack off the coast of Australia in 2020. There have been 22 attacks on people in the past eight months. At Keppel Beach, a pristine 22-kilometer-long white sand beach near the city of Broome, these attacks are rare, but authorities are forced to close the beach once or twice a year when killer predators are spotted nearby. Navy.

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