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Australia will not reopen its borders until it achieves herd immunity

Australia will reopen its borders when 80% of the population is vaccinated. This was announced by Prime Minister Scott Morrison, thus tracing a long way out of the restrictions imposed by Covid.

The country has been among the most stringent in terms of border closures and restrictions. In March 2020, the decision was made only here to completely close the borders to foreign visitors and ask residents to return as soon as possible. Efforts to contain the epidemic have succeeded, but the delta variable is back to raise cases: New Zealand decided to close a travel bubble that was established last April while, after Sydney, the lockdown has returned in Brisbane as well.

According to Agence France-PresseMorrison also revealed that the first restrictions will be relaxed when 70% of eligible adults have been vaccinated. Only then will “a limited number of international students and economic visa holders be able to enter Australia”. To return to travel, Australians, as well as international tourists, will have to wait for herd immunity to be achieved.

Times, of course, are not certain. Only 14% of the Australian population is currently fully vaccinated while nearly a third have received at least one dose. However, Morrison said he believed that at best the country could reach its target “by the end of the year.”

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