Australia will create a marine park the size of Spain


L’Australia intends to create garden Navy Size approx Spain About remote islands off the southeast coast: Government announced. Based on the current proposals Macquarie island Navy garden It would triple, making a total of 475,465 square kilometers under protection. It is an area the size of Spain or Cameroon and much larger than Vietnam or Japan.

Protection means that the area will be “It is completely closed to hunting, mining and other extractive activitiesAccording to Australian Environment Minister Tanya Plibersk. And the Patagonian toothfish fishing operations will be able to continue.

Macquarie Island It is located halfway between Australia and Antarctica and is home to king penguins and fur seals and the Subantarctic Science Center. “Macquarie Island is an exceptional place. It is a wonderland of remote wildlife, and an essential breeding ground for millions of seabirds, seals and penguins,Plibersek said.

Environmental groups have supported the plan, fearing the area could be targeted for seabed mining and unsustainable commercial fishing.

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