Australia was covered in cobwebs from thousands of spiders

Thousands of spiders covered the bush in Victoria with their webs AustraliaAfter heavy rains and floods that hit the area. Cobwebs covered road signs, trees and lawns for the city of Gippsland in the Longford area. Experts say the webs are created by a survival tactic known as “bloating,” in which spiders secrete silk to climb higher ground. It is possible that “millions” of spiders are casting webs on the surrounding trees, said Dr Ken Walker, an entomologist at Museums Victoria. “Spiders have to get up from the ground very quickly,” he told The Age. “The silk sheds and sticks to the plants so they can escape.”

floating wave

A local councilor, Carolyn Crossley, said she climbed onto a lake bridge Monday evening to check for flood damage and was affected by the natural phenomenon. He told the BBC: “I’ve seen it before, but it wasn’t that big before. It wasn’t scary, it was beautiful. It was all wrapped in this beautiful spider web, all over the trees and fences.” “The sun was setting at that time and the light was beautiful, like this floating wave that was passing through the landscape,” Crossley added.

“The fact that the webs didn’t separate made me think that these spiders had somehow coordinated to make this wonderful landscape art installation or something,” he said.

Spider webs after days of bad weather in Australia

The cobwebs are expected to disintegrate over the next few days. Local resident Amanda Traeger told the BBC that locals were fascinated by “the ethereal spectacle after the disastrous weather of the previous days”. Heavy rains and winds hit much of Victoria last week, causing flooding and severe damage. Two people were found dead in their car under water. Hundreds of homes were left without electricity.

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