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Australia violated the human rights of indigenous people

The United Nations Human Rights Commission has condemned the country to compensate 14 Australian citizens, all Aboriginal people in the Torres Strait Islands, for not doing enough to protect them from the impact of climate change.

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The UN Human Rights Council resolution further links the climate crisis with fundamental rights

( – Australia has not done enough to defend the indigenous peoples of Torres Strait Islands of effect climate crisis. violation of their basic rights. founded by The United Nations Commission on Human Rights by a landmark decision. It is the first time, in fact, that an international human rights court has decided that a country must pay for climate damage.

The Human Rights Council argues that Canberra’s climate inaction It violates their right to enjoy their own culture and not to be subjected to arbitrary interference with their privacy, family and home. A position that reinforces the link between climate and human rights.

In the original sentence denounced 8 Australian citizens and 6 of their children. All of them belong to the indigenous peoples who live on four small islands in the strait, Boigu, Poruma, Warraber, and Masig. The accusation fingered the lack of appropriate measures to adapt to the climate crisis and, in particular, to Failure to improve protective barriers against sea level rise and insufficient reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

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“This decision represents an important development, as the Commission has established a pathway that allows individuals to enforce their claims in cases where national systems have not taken appropriate measures to protect those most vulnerable to the negative effects of climate change. Human Rights”he argues Helen TegrodjaCommittee member.

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in the sentence, The Human Rights Council orders Australia to compensate Aboriginal people for damages caused to themStarting with the destruction of their graves due to the intensification of storms. A scenario that the Canberra government had already warned against in the 1990s, as it demanded effective treatments. The authorities have since taken some measures, but they are not enough to keep pace with the climate crisis.

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