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Australia, used drones to start controlled fires

in Australia, The Victorian Bushfire Department has tested drones to set fire to 3,000 hectares in the Wimera region.

Controlled fires are only for Easily get rid of large sections of flammable bushes and twigs Which, in the event of an unexpected fire, would be ideal fuel to fuel the flames and allow them to move very quickly along the ground.

From field tests Drones, equipped with specific air fires (Which can for example consist of flammable gels or small balls that ignite and explode as soon as they come into contact with the ground, have proven to be very accurate in starting fires.

Lily D’AmbrosioVictoria’s Minister of Energy, Environment and Climate Change, said that “By continuing to improve our practices and experiment with new technologies, we are able to implement our planned firefighting program more effectively to protect communities and the environment from fires.”.

But fire control drones are and remain above all those that monitor the area in the most vulnerable areas, providing highly detailed images (including thermal), as well as those that have special sensors capable of “smelling” the air to determine the presence of gas .

Countless information that will also be linked to information obtained from satellites, for use in Predictive Analytics to succeed, By 2025, to put out a fire in one hour.

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