Australia, the secret to longevity of the oldest man in the country? Chicken brain

111 years and we have not heard from them. He lives in Australia, is the oldest man in the country, and you want to know what his secret is? In his meals he incorporated the consumption of chicken brains. The recipe that he uses to cook what is considered a poultry delicacy to him is not known to us mere humans and doctors may not even realize the amazing elixir of life. At least, so says the old man.

Who is Dizter Kruger

On Monday, Dexter Kruger, who was a breeder by trade, passed 124 days after reaching the age of 111. He’s in clarity, he’s now retired, but he’s very keen on interviewing. The reporter, who asked him more details about his longevity, replied, “As you know, chickens have a head, and inside there is a brain. They are delicious little things. A small bite is enough.” According to Kruger, his diet definitely helped him reach such an important milestone.

Today he lives in a nursing home in rural Queensland, Australia. Gregg, Krueger’s 74-year-old son, attributes his father’s longevity to the simple lifestyle of a man who, he says, still has an enormous memory. Which is amazing for his time. The man is now writing his autobiography.

Long-lived seniors record

John Taylor, one of the founders of Australian Records, confirmed that Kruger has become the oldest Australian man ever. Before him, there was an older Australian: her name is Christina Cook, who died in 2002 at the age of 114 years and 148 days.

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