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Australia, the mystery behind the ‘Giant Man’: the discovery

Nobody knows what it looked like Mary ManKind of giant man It has a size of about 4.2 kilometers dug in the most remote hinterland inCentral Australia. The total size of the figure is about 28 kilometers while the reliefs are 45 meters wide and 35 centimeters deep. It took its name from a small settlement located in the immediate vicinity.

Who discovered Marree Man

was in order to know Trek Smithwho was piloting a small plane in 1998.”It was huge and deeply carvedThe man said and then added: It was really cool, so I thought everyone should know that back thenBut no one was aware of the figure carved in the desert. The gods began to arrive Anonymous faxes to Marree companies and SA media, which read: “su Plateau 36 miles northwest of Mari there is a huge Aboriginal drawing over 2 miles longThe authorities discovered American flag Close to Marree Man and a note mentioning the infamous United States cult of David’s Branch.

Alleged opera artists

There were two local artists suspected of being behind Marree Man. Robin Cook, who created Marree’s Mutonia Sculpture Park, denied that it was him. suspect aletro It could be the deceased artist Alice Springs Bardeus Goldbergwho reportedly admitted on his deathbed that Marree Man was his business.

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