Australia, the future continent under the sky of the ancestors

The largest island in Europe The sixth country in the world by extension. Australia is endless: 4100 km from Cape North West to Cape Byron, located on the eastern coast, and 3200 km from north to south, from Cape York to Cape Wilson. As obscure as it is, the name itself is derived from the Latin etymology meaning “southern land,” the land south of the equator, unknown. The unusual geography that distinguishes it reveals the mysteries of primitive and wild nature and a unique cultural identity in the world, which mixes reality with the “dream time” of the indigenous people, according to their belief the place where the past, the present and the future coexist. A trip to Australia can become an inner search, an intimate and spiritual connection to nature, from the great expanses of desert in the inland hinterland where Ayers Rock, the largest monolith in the world, to eucalyptus forests along the coasts, the favorite habitat of koalas, greedy for their leaves. Enchanting landscapes alternating with vast plains and jagged mountain ranges, heterogeneous vegetation and constant animal discovery: many native species seem to set a fascinating story, such as the ‘thorny devil’, the ‘bearded lizard’ and the ’emu’, Primitive traits that nap in pepper trees.Marsupials are now a symbol of the country, just think there are more kangaroos in Australia than people.

The fiery land, scorched by the sun, and wind-swept seas, a continent of the elements and the Great Barrier Reef, the largest living being in the world. Australia is also a paradise for surfers, where the adrenaline is melted with a good dose of “No worry‘No problem’, a slogan in the name of the quiet life should be cheered while toasting with a good glass of beer or wine, the peculiar privilege of this land in Antipodes. With Torresanda You will have the opportunity to discover (and taste) this and many other things, Experience the most authentic atmosphere Also discover the cities’ dynamic and contemporary mood: Sydney, Melbourne, Perth And all the other “capitals”, distant but world chessboard champions, and the happy islands of a dirt continent.

A for Australia, A for adventure

Unspoiled, rugged and wild nature, from the inhospitable hinterland inland, to the gentle and sandy, tall and stunning coastlines that plunge into marine worlds populated by all kinds of species. It is impossible to call the gorgeous blue that surrounds Australia a simple “sea”. It’s the ocean that can be admired while traveling there Great Ocean Road, the scenic road that runs along the south coast and heads east. Famous pop-up along this stretch Twelve of the Apostlesthe most famous limestone chimneys in the southern hemisphere that protrude near them Port Campbell. From the south coast to it From the wonderful coral reefs off the north coast of Queensland. The “the great Barrier ReefIt is the largest in the world: A submerged scene with a length of 2,300 km, A living structure that includes more than 600 corals, thousands of mollusks, fish species, mammals and up to 134 species of sharks. Australian sea is also from 10,000 beachesSome of the most beautiful surfing rides in the world. always in Queensland located there The Golden coast1 hour drive from the city BrisbaneOne of the most adrenaline-pumping places to surf. The East Coast needs no introduction SydneyAt first Bondi BeachMecca for surfers (for experts, to try South Bondiwhere the waves are a real challenge). Also not to be missed Byron BayIn the New South WalesThe meeting place for hippies, hipsters and surfers. The compass points south in the direction Bells Beacha 90-minute drive from Melbourne Along Great Ocean RoadA destination for surfers from all over the world. The West Coast also attracts many fans, especially off the coast PerthAnd in the enchanting beaches Rottnest IslandIt can be reached by ferry from the western capital. In addition to water activities, it is possible to stay here and take a walk under the stars. Australia is ‘A’ as adventure, and ‘S’ sustainable, because what makes it unique is precisely the nature that must be protected and appreciated. With Turisanda, there is no shortage of style experiences wild animals Regarding the knowledge of the biodiversity that this country hosts. Whether marine or terrestrial, the fauna of this gigantic continent is a constant discovery and living experiences become extraordinary opportunities: scuba diving with turtles in the Great Barrier Reef, snorkeling safely with whale sharks, or whale watching far from the sea. coast somewhere Margaret River, in remote Western Australia. bird watching in Kakadu National ParkAnd the intermittent and exciting vision of some inevitable reptiles and marsupials. In this nature reserve, one of the most wonderful in the world, encounters of all kinds can be, as well as in many other habitats of a wonderful continent.

The land and the indigenous people, where the encounter becomes an experience

From the coast to the hinterland, no itinerary is not suggestedAustralian Outback. The starting point for exploring the natural wonders in the heart of the continent and Northern Territoryis a city Alice Springthe “closest” point to reachAyers RockAnd the Uluru In the local language, the sacred mountain of the aborigines. This majestic massif is the symbol of the city, an unusual natural monument, a symbol since the dawn of history for the local population, inextricably linked with the legend “dream timeIndigenous culture transcends the present to sweep past and future, a temporal approach orchestrating memories and intentions into a holistic reality, inextricably linked to the land, ‘everything’ they have. Aboriginal peoples have inhabited the vast lands of Australia for tens of thousands of years and are convinced that they hold their stories Their customs and the spirits of their ancestors.An ancient symbiosis, a spiritual perception with nature characterizes the oldest living culture in the world.Different affiliations and endless stories to tell, learn about the indigenous community. Queensland, or the indigenous peoples of mainland Australia, is a thrilling experience and stimulating encounter that reveals a radically different perspective on the West, a privilege that enhances the journey. It can be known through words but also through the senses, especially taste: Aboriginal culture also means the typical cuisine, flavors and traditions closely associated with the land, from the “usual” fresh fish cooked on the grill (you can spot completely unknown species), to the ingredients that supported the population Australian aborigines for more than 50,000 years, with a precision of zero kilometers, such as atreplice, desert bush, or kakadu plum, a fruit rich in vitamin C.

The advice is to visit the holy mountain Uluru with a local guide: Watching the sunrise or sunset setting fire to the huge sandstone is an indescribable sight and is one of the most beautiful suggestions for the trip.. Knowing her legends also turns into an indelible memory. Australia is sea, desert and jungle but it is also long distances, and it turns out to be unforgettable experiences, especially with 4×4. miles alongExplorers’ Roador the Stewart Highwaythe 3,000-kilometre state road that runs through Australia from south to north from Adelaide to Darwin. Go through a tribute to John McDowell Stewartthe pioneer who in 1862 was the first to cross the continent along this exciting route, and was one of the first explorers to agree to a “meet” with the aborigines.

Lifestyle and the city

Australia is a hymn to the nature, reality and meaning of a borderless country. It is a militaristic and mysterious culture of the primitive population, but it is also a leading nation on the world stage. Australian cities owe a lot to British heritage and European influences, to the societies that over the centuries have found the “Southern El Dorado” by forging a new identity, identity and greatness. In the island’s large urban centers, you can still accommodate the same resourcefulness, an innate tendency to discover and grow and a bit of healthy competition that is unenviable in other world capitals, while still maintaining a relaxed lifestyle. Do not be surprised if company meetings end with a barbecue among colleagues,barbeque“In Australia it is a true art of cooking and being together, which alternates with other events and activities to share. Delightful atmospheres and destinations not to be missed, starting with Sydneythe de facto capital that identifies (and identifies the state) with L ‘Opera HouseOne of the most important architects of the twentieth century. Darwinthe capital of relaxation Northern Territory, known for its markets and cruises, but above all for the indigenous culture spread here more than any other city in the country. Another landmark in the north but located on the east coast is Brisbanethe sunny capital Queensland Where rain is rare, it is no coincidence that it is known ascountry of the rising sunAn invitation to live outdoors.

Melbourne And the Victoriais the cities of the southeast, the first to be famous as the culinary capital of the country. Adelaide It is the Pearl of the South which is famous for its world-class artistic and musical events. It is worth a visit Perth, although it is known as the most isolated city in the world, it is a city of 2 million inhabitants and seems sufficient in its own right. Life here is nothing but a monotony among bars and restaurants and a desirable artistic, creative and fun scene: here delicious wines are produced from the famous vineyards of the Swan Valley. One of the habits that we Italians can find in some corner of this boundless country is precisely the Mediterranean climate that makes sweet and juicy grapes grow and ripen. Familiar temperatures but reverse seasons, Christmas in summer is one of the endless atmospheres to discover in this opposite Antarctica full of surprises.

From this summer, getting to Australia will be easy with a non-stop flight from Rome. The first direct flights will operate from June 22 to October 6, 2022 Qantas With three weekly connections running Sydney and Perth. A revolution in transportation shortens time and distances, forgetting stops and long waits. A great match against the epidemic and a good decision to return to travel safely also to the other side of the world.

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