Australia, the first pregnant woman with a transplanted uterus

His mother donated the organ. Kirsty Bryant, 30, underwent a post-bleeding hysterectomy shortly after giving birth to her first daughter


As reconstructed by ABC News, Kirsty Bryant has come forward to be able to undergo the procedure after losing an organ following a hysterectomy that was necessary to save her life. The emergency operation was performed after hemorrhaging was discovered after Violet was born. However, the 30-year-old wanted to expand her family and six months after giving birth she started to think about the available alternatives. At that point she learned of an ongoing clinical trial at the Royal Hospital for Women and decided to speak to her mother, who did not hesitate when she realized she could help her.

Uterine transplantation and encouraging conditions

The two underwent more than 16 hours of surgery, involving more than 20 specialists. After the successful uterine transplant, two more operations were performed in Australia. This is very encouraging news, said gynecologist Rebecca Deans. “It arrived earlier than we expected. It’s our first embryo transfer, so we’re both surprised and excited,” she said. “We all cross our fingers every week as things can develop for the better and the chances of miscarriage start to drop. We had to watch her closely and she had absolutely no signs of rejection, so in that regard she was really lucky.”

temporary operations

These processes are temporary and generally last for five years, so that women have enough time to plan a pregnancy. “I had an ultrasound a week ago and I could feel our baby’s heartbeat, so it was really exciting,” concluded the 30-year-old.

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