Australia, the first indigenous people on the plate mining giant Rio Tinto

Milan – Rio Tinto, the global mining giant that makes two-thirds of its revenue from iron mining in Australia For the first time in its history Appoints an indigenous to its board of directors.

It will be up to Ben White, the former WA Treasurer and cousin of the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, to represent the interests of the population on the Giant’s board. For years it was in conflict with the giant with a capital of 142 billion dollars. White, born in 1974, was elected to Parliament for the first time in 2006 with the Labor Party and in the 2017 election was Chief Minister of the Indigenous Treasury elected in one of Australia’s states. White himself was one of the politicians who exposed himself against the giant after the Pilbara incident.

Australia, mining giant blows up sacred Aboriginal caves 46,000 years ago: ‘We apologize’

Rio Tinto has been in plain sight for months Damaged by an explosion, a sacred site for the indigenous peoples 46,000 years ago. At the end of 2020, investors and the public accused the group of destroying the rocky caves of Juukan Gorge, in the Pilbara region. The incident that led to intense criticism and the resignation – last March – of Jean-Sebastien Jacques and President Simon Thompson, who apologized to the Aboriginal community, taking full responsibility for the incident.

In 2014, archaeological excavations at the Juukan Goorge site revealed the oldest example of 28,000-year-old bone tools (pointed kangaroo bone) and a 4,000-year-old plait of hair believed to have been worn as a belt. The White family is said to be from Pilbara, and the company will help prevent accidents like the Goukan Strait from happening again in the future. to me financial times That region is one of the richest iron extraction regions. Of the $29 billion in profits generated by Rio Tinto last year, $22 billion will come from the Pilbara mines.

Even if White’s appointment was a milestone in the history of the Anglo-Australian giant, indigenous peoples are still not underrepresented on boards and environmental, community, governance and sustainability issues are increasingly visible to all.

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