Australia, the 4-meter crocodile trying to tear it to shreds? How to save 60 years (almost with bare hands) – Libero Quotidiano

How are you being attacked by a crocodile And don’t be torn apart alive. man from Queensland, 60 years old, went fishing on his property in Hope Fall, 5 hours drive inAustralia From the north, when he had a close encounter with a monster 4 meters. The giant creeper tried to bite him and only the hunter’s willingness allowed him to save himself: practically with his bare hands, with a Swiss army knife a few centimeters long, he managed to dissuade the attacker.

The crocodile ambush occurred a few seconds after the man reached shore. It was not even time to throw the bait into the water and the predator pounced on it, causing it to fall to the ground. The favorite place of crocodiles, the most dangerous for prey and for humans, because they are easily overwhelmed by the weight of reptiles and are easily subjected to their fatal bite. Desperate to reach safety, he explains Leggo.itThe 60-year-old Australian is the same cling to the branch From a tree, at least out of the water. The crocodile grabbed him by his boot and pulled him back into the lake.

At this point, the victim turned into an “executioner”: the man managed to snatch Swiss Army Knife That he was prepared for any eventuality (of course, the crocodile attack was not one of them) and began to stab the beast until it shocked him and did not let go. So the man managed to escape like hell, and on his own reached the nearest hospital where he was admitted and he was still in stable condition.

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