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Australia teaches us that what we need is not just updates to the SF-23

A week after the end of the Australian Grand Prix, all sorts of news have arrived regarding the modernization plan for the SF-23, but is that really what is needed at the moment?

Ferrari left Australian soil with Zero points in the bag Because of the crash on the first lap of the No. 16 car and the penalty that came after a upset final lap in the No. 55, but the race told Different storyEspecially when compared to the performances collected in the previous two rounds of the tournament.

The genesis of the race It tells of a very unlucky Carlos Sainz with his strategy: the Spaniard stopped on the first lap of the safety car to install a set of hard tires that would have allowed him to go all the way, but fate wanted to decide the direction of the race and he displayed a red flag. Race neutralizationThus “giving up” the pitstop to all direct competitors of the Spanish driver. At that point, the #55 found himself having to recover from the 11th-place finish, putting the set of tires he was supposed to carry under special pressure. until the end of the race.

Photo by: Ferrari

However, having made it into the leading group, just behind Fernando Alonso, Sainz has shown he can ride just as well. former pace. The latter managed, but none had to turn back by fighting their way through the traffic and partly sacrificing their lives. the life of their tires. Carlos Sainz managed from lap 26, for 12 laps to stay consistently behind Hamilton’s times and in some moments even those of Max Verstappen, even if it must be said that the Dutchman led 3/4 of the race with the Football Association in conservative mode, with what Estimated 10 horsepower less is delivered through its ERS system. However, the number 55 turn slowed Cadence to be able to take full advantage of the duration of PZeros, and the occasional suffering from the existence Flirtatious. So it can be said that overall the balance was good and that the SF-23 did not suffer from wheelbase and roll issues as in the first two races.

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Times with the Ferrari SF-23 competitors in Melbourne, Australia
Times with the Ferrari SF-23 competitors in Melbourne, Australia

However, Ferrari showed up at Albert Park without any new updates on the car that took part in the disastrous journey to Jeddah. But what could have changed much Cards available to the team from Maranello?

Certainly in Melbourne, the Reds technicians managed to get the car running using pruning more bass Without any hints of porpoise (the Rossa was one of the few cars to bottom out along the straight between Turns 10 and 11), a result that could be a combination of the track car, but also Found the link With the simulator, in which some basic parameters have been corrected for a more faithful reproduction of the behavior of the tires.

Did we find the second less?

The question that the reader will ask at this stage of the article

A few days ago the first rumors were about a package of updates Consistent, with changes in Stomachs et al Concept from car. But then, as the days went by, the pitch was gradually adjusted, until it hit the ceiling with the line Remarks made by Vasseur.

Ferrari SF-23 in Melbourne, Australia
Photo by: Ferrari

In fact, the Scuderia Ferrari team principal claims so We will never see version B Given the budget cap, but will be — a few bids ahead of what was envisioned in the original roadmap — several large bids Updates are already scheduled.

But are we sure that all the gap that Ferrari has shown to its competitors can only be the result of the car lagging behind in terms of developments? Racing Melbourne has partially answered that question, stating that what they are convinced of in Maranello is true: The potential of the car is even higher than that seen in the first racesThe team’s fault is that it did not understand in time how to extract it with the correct setup, with the help of the correct understanding of the frameworks from model to simulation.

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Does this desire for news of a car revolution, accompanied by articles that are thoughtlessly published on the Web, really make sense? Perhaps we should all consider the weight we give to what we read.

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