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Australia, swimmers swim next to a shark.

The alarm was raised by a woman who was looking for this type of shark

In Perth, Western Australia, beachgoers suddenly find themselves swimming next to a large tiger shark without realizing it.

It was a video shot by a drone that reported the frightening scene in which a woman and a man appear swimming without realizing the shark next to them. The predator moved slowly, undisturbed, creating small circles in the water near the shore.

Toby Nicol, 35, from the UK, realized there was “finned devil” And he sounded the alarm.
The woman was at the northern end of Pinaroo Point, near Whitfords Beach and was looking for this type of animal.

“I was filming with my drone but when the shark started making circles around the bathers I started to panic and immediately alerted the lifeguards. I was shaking.”I announced.

A similar situation already occurred in the summer of 2022 in Florida in Daytona Beach, where a drone also casually filmed a shark that was swimming close to two people, also unaware of the cute presence.

Florida is known for the number of shark attacks that occur annually. The database that collects episodes of this kind, or the International Shark Attack File, was born in this region of the United States. according toISAF It was precisely in Volusia County, in the county of Orlando and Daytona Beach, that the largest number of attacks occurred.

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