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Australia. Smartphone Radar on Mobile Phone Works Well – News

A system capable of identifying who is using the smartphone while driving. In Australia, fatal accidents have been reduced by 21%.

August 8, 2022

c.Hundreds of times we have repeated what it is Using smartphones while driving is dangerous and we’ve discussed how widespread the habit is rather than increasingly downsizing.. In the city or on the roads out of town, it is normal to see people texting or calling the phone while driving. Italy is not the only country where this problem is prevalent, and they may have come up with a solution in Australia. It is a monitoring system capable of identifying who is driving the mobile phone.

Developed by Acusensus e The first trials began in New South Wales starting in 2019. Since then, several AI-related “cameras” have been installed in Australia. The structure of the device is very simple, it is a rod installed at the end The camera is able to recognize the vehicle’s license plate and above all to photograph motorists from above. From this perspective, the program can clearly distinguish whether the driver has a smartphone in his hand or in his ear. The information is sent to the processing center, it is evaluated almost instantly and, if necessary, a report is immediately sent to the police patrol on the road.

In the two years the system has been used in Australia, Acusensus allowed for a fivefold reduction in cell phone use while driving and road fatalities decreased by 21%.

This new type of traffic control system is virtually programmable to detect other types of infractions as well, such as driving without a seat belt if the vehicle is unlocked or even stolen. Therefore, a reliable and flexible system cannot be excluded that we will soon see also on European roads.

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