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Australia responds strongly to the ban on the sale of “Prosecco” in New Zealand

The New Zealand government’s decision to ban the sale of Australian “Prosecco” in its territory has angered the powerful AGW – Grapes and Australian wine The association of more than 2,500 wine growers and 5,000 wine producers.

The agreement signed between the European Union and the Government of New Zealand provides for a ban on the marketing of Australian wines that mimic our fine wines for the next five years.

The agreement was signed to protect the Italian sparkling wine DOC and DOCG from one of the many fakes and imitations.

The EU Trademark Office has identified Prosecco as the most popular wine in Europe along with champagne.

In Australia, current laws state that the term Prosecco like other names can legitimately be used as an indication of a specific grape variety.

This is also when a vine is registered as an IGP – Protected Geographical Indication as in the case of Prosecco.

So the Protection Consortium rightly urged the European Commission to enter into an agreement with the Government of New Zealand because Australia’s laws do not respect the EU’s regulations on the recognition of PGIs.

This important agreement comes on the heels of the recently signed agreement with the People’s Republic of China regarding the protection of the Prosecco IGP trademark in that country.

The Australian company Prosecco’s sales volume in New Zealand is negligible.

From June 2021 to June of this year, 750,000 bottles of mock wine worth $3.5 million were sold by Australian producers and exporters.

The production of imitation Prosecco is about 15 million bottles, according to an estimate indicating this year’s crop. The total value of the fake Prosecco sale is $60 million.

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Groups of major producers and distributors such as Accolade Wines, Brown Brothers, Dal Zotto and Grant Burge Wines have been expanding their production since last year and those who haven’t, have included prosecco and prosecco type in their references.

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