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Australia reached the highest temperature in 2021 in the Southern Hemisphere: nearly 48 degrees

It has never been hot since the start of 2021 in Australia: summer has begun and the thermometer has arrived Highest value 2021And Not just for the country but for the entire Southern Hemisphere.

In the city of Mandurah on Sunday the nineteenth of temperatures 47.7°C. The city, located on the northwest coast of Western Australia, reached an absolute temperature record of only 0.7 degrees Celsius. Exceptionally high temperatures were also reached at Port Hedland Airport (47.4°C), Marble Bar (46.66°C), Jervois (45.9).

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Heat wave in Australia: the highest temperature it has reached since the beginning of 2021

The highest value (so far) since January 1, 2021 was reached on Monday 20, and heat continues to dominate the northern sectors of Western Australia. On Monday, December 20, the thermometer reached an i . level 47.9 °C in Mardi. This is the highest temperature of the year not only for the Australian continent, but for the entire southern hemisphere.

Although these are very high values, absolute records are not touched upon. the record temperature For December it was 49.9°C on December 19, 2019 in Nullarbor. while the absolute record The annual is still the one that was marked at Oodnadatta Airport in January 1960, with ben 50.7 degrees, followed shortly after 50.5 registered in Mardi in February 1998.

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