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Australia, koala collides with five cars and sits behind the wheel video

L ‘Australia is that distant world Where the coolest animals mix with the daily routines of men and women e They steal … the car. The strange adventure we tell you to see The protagonist of the koala, Who attempted to cross the six-lane highway in Adelaide, causing an occurrence A rear collision of five carsHe seized a car while trying to save him.

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Take this koala’s license!

“Let’s go on a tour.”

A local woman saved a koala, Nadia Togwell, Who recovered the animal with another motorist who had had the accident, meanwhile was blocked by a concrete traffic barrier. He, the koala, did not suffer any injuries and was simply very active, according to testimony The woman who put it in the trunk of the car To take her to the nearest gas station for delivery to wildlife rescuers. As soon as he got into the SUV, the koala left the post Sit behind the wheel and “chase” TugwellThey were forced out and photographed.

He launched into the woods

The woman lives near the forest, knows how to deal with this type of animal: that’s enough Cover their eyes to calm them down; You only need to let them do what they want and not be chased when they are home. Rescuers released koalas into the woods, while the Highway Adventure Report states: Some scratches on the dashboard and inside the carAnd five vehicles in the rear, and no one was injured so badly that he was taken to hospital. We don’t think there was much fanfare: When you live in Australia, It is a matter of ordinary management.

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