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Australia is working on the Infiniti: the zero-emission electric train that never stops to recharge

The batteries of the special monorail, which is supposed to debut in 2023, are spontaneously replenished thanks to gravitational and kinetic energy. It will allow the mining company Fortescue, which it plans, to save 82 million liters of diesel annually.

The Train It really represents one of the most sustainable modes of transportation e less polluting Among those at our disposal. At the moment Australia Someone aims to do more: the mining company Fortsko Perth is working oninfinity train“, a Zero Emission Train Able to travel non-stop thanks to him electric batteries Able to self-reload.

For companies like Fortescue, which constantly move heavy loads of iron between mines and factories, sustainable mobility can be a beneficial option both in terms of economics and in terms of reducing them. environmental impact. By replacing a file 54 locomotive With the new environmental means, Fortescue plans to save nearly every year 82 million liters of diesel. It is expected that the first Infiniti train will actually start trading by the end of 2023but the goal is to transform all means by 2030in order to completely reduce emissions from the use of Fossil fuels.

The Infiniti Train has the potential to be the world’s most efficient battery-powered electric locomotivestated through a press release Fortescue CEO Elizabeth Gaines.

The secret to the efficiency of “infinite” battery locomotives lies in the formation of province Which will be traded, very rich Normal differences in height. The batteries will be charged in the slope sections, taking advantage ofKinetic energy Is that gravityInstead, you will use the remaining fees on the hardest tracks.

Renewing electricity in slope areas will eliminate the need to install renewable energy generation and recharging infrastructure, making it an efficient solution to eliminate diesel and emissions from our rail operations.Gaines added.

If the Infinity Train proves to live up to expectations, it can push other companies around the world to invest in it sustainable mobility And please rail transport to the most polluting road transport. The need to abandon fossil fuel vehicles to combat the climate crisis was also made clearEuropeIt predicted that the sale of new petrol or diesel cars would be discontinued by 2035.

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