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Australia is the first to experiment with KitKat paper packaging

Kitkat It is the best selling chocolate bar in the world Australia And here it begins First ever experience of New paper packaging for the package from 45 grams.
Coles supermarkets will test it, where consumers will find the bars Kitkat With paperback for a limited time. The new paper packaging experience is part of Nestlé’s plans to innovate to achieve its goal Reduce the use of virgin plastic by one third by 2025. This means using less plastic, as well as using recycled plastic and alternatives to plastic packaging.

Each rod will contain a KitKat QR code Scan Australians will be able to have their say by answering a series of questions about the new packaging.

Chris O’Donnell, General Manager, Sweets and Snacks, Nestlé Oceania He stated:We are proud to be the first country in the world to trial KitKat In paper packaging, an important step towards reducing our use of virgin plastic. With all of our packaging innovations, our priority is to make sure we deliver the same delicious Kit Kats With creamy chocolate and crunchy chips“.

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