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Australia is in shock from the horror of the soldiers in Afghanistan

AGI – Summary Executions, Killings of Prisoners for Education Rites, Killings of Children in Their Homes, Killings of Civilians to Make Space on Chopper: These are just some of Horrific crimes Of which Elite Special Forces Of the Australian Defense Forces (ADF) during their years of activity in Afghanistan.

All this is shown in black and white in a 465-page report of horror, the result of an investigation that has continued for years (with a review of 20,000 documents and 25,000 photos and 423 witnesses heard) in which at least 39 civilians were unlawfully killed and this not only drowns the Australian army but the country. Entire in shame. First, Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who has already called Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, to express his “deep sorrow for the misconduct” of the military. These papers are now in the hands of the special prosecutor who will investigate war crimes.

The head of the Australian Defense Forces, General Angus Campbell, admitted to the outcome of the investigation A “destructive” culture of impunity This led to a series of alleged murders and cover-ups that continued for years. “Some patrols have put the law in their hands,” said General Campbell. The result: “Breaking the rules, fabricating stories, lying, and killing prisoners.”He summed up the general who is now apologizing “sincerely and without reservation” to the Afghan people.

“The shameful record includes alleged cases where new patrol members were forced to shoot a prisoner to win their first murder,” the general affirms. Soldiers detained A terrifying number of dead To internal competition “and to cover up unlawful killings by organizing skirmishes, placing weapons near the bodies, and adding the names of (innocent victims) to the targeting lists.

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The same Army Inspector General who conducted the heartbreaking official investigation into the events between 2005 and 2016 provided the details of the decision to kill “out of battle.” It drafted 143 recommendations, including referring 19 people to the Australian Federal Police, paying compensation to victims’ families, and undertaking a series of military reforms.

Campbell went further. for him The people involved brought “shame” to their regimentAnd the military and Australia, the war crimes attorney’s office has been reported. It also moved to cancel Medals of Honor awarded to Special Operations forces who had served in Afghanistan between 2007 and 2013.

Prime Minister Morrison tried to mitigate the impact of the report by inviting the Australians last week to prepare for it ‘Honest and brutal facts’ The document is heavily worded, and it censors many shocking details. It also announced the appointment of a special prosecutor to try alleged war crimes, It is a move aimed at preventing any prosecution of the International Criminal Court.

The Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs described the measures described in the report as “unforgivable,” but admitted publishing the report as “an important step towards achieving justice.”

After the attacks of September 11, 2001, More than 26,000 Australian troops have been sent to Afghanistan to fight alongside coalition and US forces against the TalibanAl Qaeda and other Islamic groups. Australian combat forces officially fled the country in 2013, but a number of brutal accounts often emerged of the behavior of elite Special Forces units.

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