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Australia is at risk of climate change

One of the ecosystems most affected by climate change to date is theAustralia. With increasing global warming, cascading consequences are generated that only lead to more dangerous situations. According to some analyzes, the contribution that the world’s population is now making to the cause appears to be insufficient anyway.

Study comes today Sixth Climate Change Assessment Report on Impacts, in chapters devoted to Australia and New Zealand. The study saw up to 270 climate change experts analyze and synthesize the latest information, considering more than 34,000 publications on how climate change affects ecosystems, society and the economy, and how it causes new risks and limitations in the future.

What does climate change mean for Australia?

Climate change is causing warmer waters, warmer temperatures, fires, and a steadily rising sea level with each passing day, with drier winters and hotter summers. All this harms not only the Australian ecosystem, but also the crops, leading farmers to abandon some Activities.

The study, however, revealed two new problems that have not been taken into account: the first relates to the impact of this climate change on cities and roads, but also on various supply chains and services, causing increasingly serious weather disasters. firesHurricanes, snowstorms, and storms can destroy structures and cause entire cities to collapse.

The second problem relates instead to the way in which Institutions And the Governments They tend towards solving related problems. When such disasters occur, quick decisions must be taken or else there will be no way to respond to various risks with correct actions.

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The study concludes by saying that the best way to solve these problems is to introduce effective methods and reduce global emissions, because the greater the damage, the more difficult it is to treat.

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