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Australia intends to follow Europe’s path: a ban on combustion cars could start in 2035

From the end of the world to the other side It seems that traditional car life is getting more and more difficult: After the EU deadline (initially set for 2029 and then pushed back to 2035 due to pressure from some car groups) too The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) government made the same decision, and lined up with the Old Continent directive.

The Australian strategy is following in Europe’s footsteps, given encouraging results: incentives to purchase new zero-emission cars (both battery and hydrogen) and local installation of wall boxes, modernization and deployment of recharging points, and a ban on companies providing mobility services (taxi and ride-sharing) from Adding internal combustion vehicles to their fleet.

The goal is to reach sales of 80-90% of electric or hydrogen vehicles, supported on a daily basis by public infrastructures that will reach 180 by 2025.

Australian Shipping Points 2022

The current jurisdiction is the first to commit to such an ambitious and profound structural change project as the transition of inland mobility from conventional to zero emissions, especially if we consider not only the Australian political structure, made up of local entities independently enacting rules and regulations, that must be guided in a way that Its laws conflict with each other, but also the geography of the island, which is characterized by vast desert areas, such as the Australian Outback separating the Northern Territories from those in the South.

Australian electric vehicle charging station

A complex project demonstrating the Australian Government’s intent not to be left behind in the change in the automotive sector.

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