Australia in the World Cup round of 16, thousands celebrate the night in Melbourne

(ANSA) – Rome, December 01 – With the ‘Australia’ making history with victory over Denmark, and qualifying after 16 years for the World Cup round of 16, Melbourne was literally besieged by fans who watched the match on the field. Australia then celebrated their transition into the role at 3am, all live on television. Etihad Square was at the center of the festivities, as fans flocked to what could have been Australia’s last performance in Qatar, as victory over Denmark was necessary to secure a place in the next stage of the tournament. After a tense first half, the fans started cheering at the start of the second half, while notifications about Tunisia’s advantage appeared on the phones. But Lekki’s goal in the 60th minute delighted the fans, who began chanting victorious cheers. Even Australia’s sports minister, Anika Wells, tweeted after the goal, “Show us the vid yard!” , and the first burners were lit in the square to light up the red square. Then more silence and tension until the final whistle, when the crowd was permeated by the white light of cell phones that were filming on the big screen, and then “smoked” by flares. (Dealing).

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