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Australia has an ambitious plan to save the platypus

After the fires that have destroyed hundreds of hectares of land in the country in the past two years, the race has begun against time to avoid the extinction of the inimitable large-beaked mammals, a species endemic to these regions.

It’s a mammal, but it does lay its eggs: This is perhaps the most famous oddity in mePlatypusThe funny-looking animal that lives in the swamps and waterways of eastern Australia is in danger of extinction, according to scientists, in just 50 years. And it’s an expectation to get the country’s government to promote youPlan n in cooperation with Zoo de Taronga In New South Wales – one of the largest nature reserves in Oceania – to preserve its survival.

Environment Minister Matt Kane, located at Taronga Zoo on March 3, on the occasion of World Wildlife Day promoted by the United Nations, announced a plan that includes, among other things, building The world’s first resort for the platypus. The center will open by 2022 and will host around 65 free samples to live and reproduce in complete safety.

The decision comes after a terrible two-year period from 2019-2020, in which more than 3 billion animals have died in Australia due to the fires: Regarding platypuses, shy and shy, the count is much more difficult than other species like koala and we don’t know the exact number of specimens found in nature. Experts say the new shelter could help learn more about the species and discover their habits and tastes, in order to be able to act more effectively to prevent their disappearance. In the meantime, enjoy some of the photos that we have collected in our gallery today: you can find them above.

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