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Australia: Great white shark kills a man in Sydney. For the first time in 60 years

A great white shark has attacked and killed a man off a Sydney beach in the first fatal attack in the area in 60 years. To break the news site News letters. According to rescuers, the victim, who was swimming in a black diving suit, had “catastrophic injuries”, and died shortly after.

A great white shark tears up a swimmer in Sydney Harbor after 60 years: Chasing a predator

Frightened witnesses said they saw the shark dragging the victim below the surface. Police then found human remains in nearby water and half a torn diving suit. The swimmer has not been identified, but according to an eyewitness he is a man. A fisherman who was on nearby rocks described the predator as an exceptionally large white shark.

The attack allegedly took place in the waters of Little Bay Beach. Four ambulances and a rescue helicopter rushed to Bhushan Point on the north side of the beach near Malabar. The community is in shock, said Dylan Parker, the mayor of Randwick. “The coast is our backyard,” he said. “Little Bay is usually a quiet and lovely place for families to go to.” Randwick City Council has closed its beaches, including Little Bay, Malabar, Marubra, Coogee, Clovelly and La Pérouse, to the public for 24 hours. Authorities are now monitoring the area to locate and possibly capture the shark, which will then be moved offshore. It is not excluded that there will be others.

Human-shark contact is rare, with thousands of them in the water at any one time. Attacks usually occur in the warmer summer months (December-February) in Australia because there are more people in the water.

Australia typically records about 20 shark attacks each year, mostly in New South Wales and Western Australia. according toAustralian shark attack file.

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