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Australia, fined cheese producer because of the unpleasant smell coming from dairy products

A cheese maker in Australia has been fined for the smell of yoghurt coming out of its dairy products and disturbing neighbours.

a cheese maker Victoria state, AustraliaIt was Fine 9,000 Australian dollars, 6000 euros approximately Smells like yogurt Who walked out of the factories and disturbed the neighborhood.

company Yarra Valley Dairyin a city yringfined byEnvironmental Protection Agency (Environmental Protection Agency) for failure to comply with a notice requesting to prevent the smell from escaping from the building. Jeremy Settle, the EPA’s Northern Metropolitan regional director, said the odor was “unbelievable” and strong enough to cause a “nuisance” in the surrounding community.

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“After VCAT (Victorian Civil and Administrative Court) disputed our original May 2021 notice, we issued an amended notice in October, but when EPA officers arrived in December to check compliance, the odor on St Huberts Road was strong enough to cause Discomfort when upwind.

a Albanian Shouldn’t it smell (smell) like cheese? In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency found that Yarra Valley dairy did not make the necessary improvements in treating Sewage To prevent the smell from affecting the neighboring property.

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