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Australia fears an invasion of the venomous spider, Atrax Robustis

After the floods, many animals were forced out of their burrows. Among them is the “Sydney Funnel Web Spider”, which is one of the most venomous spiders on the planet. Here are the recommendations that you should follow to avoid being bitten by the so-called “tunnel spider”.

Australia is facing a devastating series of floods, the worst in decades. These phenomena also caused disturbances to the local fauna, forcing many animals out of their burrows. Among them is also the spider Atrax Robustus, One of the most dangerous and dangerous types of spiders in the world. This particular species has among its habitats the Sydney area, which is particularly affected by floods. And now it is feared that spiders will flock to the streets and homes (houses full of spiders – even rat infestation).

Tunnel Spider

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Also known as the “terrier spider,” Atrax robustus is comfortable in conditions of humidity and high temperatures. It is part of the Hexathelidae family and is known as’The spider web has the shape of a Sydney funnelThe venom of this species acts very quickly: death is caused by pulmonary edema or the collapse of other vital organs.


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Australian Museum expert Helen Smith explained that these spiders are unlikely to make their webs near doors or on walls. Australians are advised not to leave shoes outside the door (the spider may be hiding inside), to not touch anything leaning against the wall without first checking it, not to go out at night without a flashlight, and also to beware of swimming pools. Because this species even lives for some time underwater, take an elastic bandage with you.

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