Australia fears an invasion by Atrax Robustus –

The respite from the floods that swept Australia in recent days leaves room for another fear, especially in the region Sydney: To get close to homesAtrax RobustsTunnel spider (Pictured Afp), An insect that can reach 5 cm in length and is especially dangerous: an insect cm Considered The most deadly Among all known spiders. The concern arises from the fact that strong weather events of this period drove him out of his habitat, which consists mostly of coastal forest areas, and therefore he could have been pushed closer to the capital. Species endemic to this region. It was originally located in an area that included the Sydney area only, for a radius of about 100-150 km, and then spread throughout South Wales It will also be reported in Queensland.

It was local authorities who issued a warning about the potential for unwanted visitors. Warm temperatures and high humidity make the perfect combination for spreading Atrax Robustus In the coming days – Tim Faulkner, directorAustralian Reptile Garden -. After the massive floods that we have experienced, they will seek refuge in drier areas. Unfortunately, this may mean that they will be entering homes very soon. Something that is partially already happening habitually: every year there are specimens of this spider in gardens and pools, attracted by moisture, but in many cases it has been reported in drawers, in cabinets, between linen and inside shoes. . Residents of Sydney know them well, which is why they usually pay close attention to all nooks and crannies of the house during regular police operations and to checking the outfits they are about to wear.

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Pictures of these tarantulas fleeing from flooded areas have spread in recent days, as has the Australian Reptile Garden. Post a video Which shows how meeting these unwanted guests is easier than you might think. Spider tunnel, also called Funnel spider web – Due to the special property of its mesh, which often takes a T or Y shape besides being tubular – it is greatly feared because of its poison, especially as it is effective and fast acting. At least me 13 human deaths Because of a bite of this type and is officially documented, which does not exclude that in reality there were many. However, there have been no more deadly attacks in about forty years, since A. Antitoxin. All hospitals and emergency rooms in the area are equipped with a serum and in the case of quick aid there are no particular risks. But, as mentioned, the toxin is very effective on humans and primates and works in a limited amount of time. Death can be caused by pulmonary edema or by malfunctions of other vital organs.

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