Australia, Domino’s offers pizza machine

Domino’s offers a pizza machine: to win it, you have to prove that you are the greatest pizza lover in Australia.

No, unfortunately one pizza machine It’s not a flat, tall car, some sort of UFO with wheels adorned with tomatoes and mozzarella. Quite simply, it is a very simple car specially painted to be in the shape of a hot salami pizza. The trick is Domino’swhich, in cooperation with Toyota, decided to put the Mezzacio within the reach of the greatest pizza lovers in Australia.

Domino's Pizza

The lucky winner will also receive a $5,000 fuel voucher (which is probably worth more than a car these days), and the stunned (or perhaps envy?) look of all passers-by. To win, applicants will need to shoot a short 30-second video showing why they are the greatest pizza lovers; And we want to participate just to take the petrol coupon.

“Over many years, we have helped deliver pizza across Australia with the Toyota Yaris, the most popular vehicle among Domino drivers,” he explains. where naidooMarketing Director of Toyota Australia. “Now, the lucky one will have a chance to win on his own.” He’s lucky. As a group we recommend the sandwich shoes.

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