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Australia. Crocodile attacks him brutally

He was collecting crocodile eggs on the banks of the Daly River on Thursday when the animal attacked him

A man has been brutally mauled by a crocodile in Australia’s Northern Territory. NT News reported that he was collecting crocodile eggs on the banks of the Daly River on Thursday when he was attacked by the animal. The man was brought to safety and taken to the Royal Darwin Hospital for surgery. He sustained a serious but non-fatal wound to the leg.

NT WorkSafe is investigating the incident. Crocodile attacks are rare and usually only occur when the animal feels threatened or provoked. The Queensland government’s Crocwise Campaign says it’s important to stay at least five meters from the water’s edge in known Crocodile Waters, while also making sure any leftover food ends up in the bin.

They also urge swimmers to be very careful at dusk and dawn, when crocodiles are most active, and to keep pets away from the water’s edge at all times. You should also avoid swimming in cloudy water, even if it is only knee-deep.

In October last year, Giovanni D’Agata, head of the Office of Rights notes, two swimmers were attacked while in the water at Horizontal Falls, on the coast of Western Australia. The men, who were off-duty tour guides, were on a fishing boat choking when the animal appeared and bit one of the men on the head. Both were taken to Broome Hospital in stable condition.

CS – Giovanni D’Agata

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